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Common Misconceptions About Towing Service

Towing Service in Bethel Park, PA

There are a number of misconceptions—wrong ideas—about towing services that are commonly held by many people. One of the most common is that companies that tow are scammers just looking to make a fast buck. That idea is based on towing services that are called on to remove vehicles parked illegally on a home or business property. If a car is parked illegally, it’s the property owner’s right to call for a towing service to remove and impound the vehicle. The owner of the car must pay a fee before receiving his or her car back.  However, towing services are extremely helpful when it comes to emergency roadside assistance, and those prices are reasonable versus paying because the law has been broken. Additional misconceptions about towing companies include the following:

  • A tow truck driver is not allowed to break into your car just to tow it.

The reality is that a tow truck driver can enter your car if it’s necessary to tow the vehicle.

  • Most towing companies aren’t open at night, so you must wait until tomorrow to tow.

Many towing services are available at night so that waiting until the next day is unnecessary.  Most tow services post a sign with the towing operator’s phone number. You can call that number to speak to someone about your vehicle.

  • Call on a tow truck service only when there’s car damage.

Many towing companies provide more assistance than towing damaged vehicles, for example, they may provide locksmith services, gas services, or a battery jump.

  • Tow companies won’t tow large vehicles.

There are two forms for tow trucks: standard tow trucks built with flatbed services or semi-trucks, and both of them carry large vehicles.

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Getting Towed After an Accident

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Most car accident, especially major ones, need a tow truck to take away the damaged vehicle and deliver it to the appropriate car repair shop. Most of us never think about towing until we are stranded on the side of the road and find ourselves in need of a tow truck. When you do need to get services from a tow company, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Towing Cost: Make sure you are given a bill before you are asked to pay.
  • Storage Fees: If your vehicle can’t be delivered to the place you want, find out if there is a storage fee at the towing shop.
  • Local or Long Distance: Ask about what distance is considered to be local and what is defined as long distance.
  • 24-Hour Emergencies: Find out if your towing service offers 24-hour towing at no extra charge during irregular hours.
  • Flatbed Truck: Confirm that this is the appropriate truck to haul your vehicle.
  • Licensed & Insured: Make sure that the company you choose is licensed and insured. Ask to see credentials if you are not certain.

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What Should You Do When You Need Towing

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Whenever you need your car towed because you are stuck in the snow or have just been in an accident, you want to stay as safe as possible. For example, if your vehicle suddenly stops working the way it should, and you are driving on a five-lane highway during rush hour, you don’t want to panic. Whatever the cause of your problem, you want to be safe and keep your passengers and other vehicles on the road safe. Here are some tips to keep in mind should you find yourself stuck for whatever reason on the road:

  • Stay Calm
  • Move Your Car Out of the Traffic Flow
  • Use Traffic Cones or Flares if Necessary
  • Stay in Your Car to Stay Safe
  • Call the Police in Case of an Accident
  • Call Your Insurance Company
  • Use a Reliable and Reputable Towing Company

While you are in your car, take the time to gather your registration, any roadside assistance information provided with your car, insurance card, and auto club membership card if you have one. You might also want to call a family member or a friend as you wait for the authorities or a tow, because it may help to talk to someone if you feel nervous and stressed. You can always trust the towing service in Bethel Park, PA, from Maceil’s Auto Body. Call (412) 854-4869 (4TOW) for assistance any time of day or night.

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