What Should Be Included in Car Detailing?

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The crew that details vehicles uses special tools to clean off dirt and road grime, both inside and out. The process of car detailing in Bethel Park, PA, helps to keep your vehicle in excellent condition and therefore retain more resale value. Once you find the detailing service you want, be sure that all of the following aspects of detailing are covered:

Paint Care

After properly washing and drying the car to remove any dirt and grime, an application that removes contaminants in the clear coat is put on. After that, the paint is polished to remove any swirl marks and fine scratches before being sealed via waxing.

Chassis & Wheels

Cleaning the undercarriage and chassis of your car is part of detailing just like the rest of the exterior. Detailers should clean directly under the car, inside the wheel wells, and around the major suspension components. A plastic protectant should also be used on the plastic splash guards and inner fender liners. Also, the wheels and tires should be washed thoroughly before a protectant is applied.

Headlights, Taillights & Exterior Trim

You want a compound to be added to headlights and taillights that show signs of oxidation, and then properly sealed afterward. Chrome trim should also be cleaned. Any vinyl or plastic trim should be covered with a protectant to keep them from cracking and fading.

Interior Detailing

At a minimum interior detailing must include cleaning the carpeting and seating surfaces by shampooing or by using a steam cleaner. Also, all plastics and vinyl should be cleaned and dressed, and any leather should be conditioned and cleaned. These services should also include the trunk area.


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