Tips for Choosing a Car Detailer, Part 1

Car Detailing in Bethel Park, PA |

Auto detailing focuses on restoring your car to its original external and interior condition. The results of a professional car detailing should make your car shine. Detailing goes well beyond a wash and wax for your car. While detailing work does include washing, waxing, it also must include detailing the exterior, vacuuming, and deep cleaning and detailing the interior.  A professional car detailer can make your car look new again because he has all the tools and knows the tricks of the trade.

Choosing the right car detailer makes a big difference in whether or not the dings and scratches can be properly removed from your vehicle. The detailer at Maceil’s Auto Body, a well-known shop for car detailing in Bethel Park, PA, for example, cleans and sands the area to treat a scratch. Touch-up paint is then applied in layers, and each layer dries before the next one is applied. Afterward, the spot is sanded, polished and waxed.

Note the location of your car detailer when you are ready to have the work done. You might be a bit wary of a detailer without a professional location. Some of those that work out of their homes may not have taken the time to learn correct detailing techniques or invest in professional detailing tools and products. Even if your detailer’s business is mobile, you should expect professionalism. Mobile detailers are convenient, but you should ask to see the products and tools they’ve brought with them to ensure you’re getting a quality detailing package.


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