Matching Automotive Painting in Bethel Park, PA

A image of someone painting a car black.Technological advancements in the automotive repair industry have given Maceil’s Auto Body an even higher level of control when it comes to adding new automotive paint in Bethel Park, PA. Cutting-edge equipment installed in our down draft paint booths helps us cure paint by drawing air, stopping the risk of over spraying, and reducing the amount of dust and other contaminants that could create an uneven finish on your car or truck’s paint.

The use of heat during the painting process helps to cure the paint job, which allows better bond while reducing your wait time. The skilled collision technicians at our auto body shop are experts when it comes to blending all types of automotive paint. That means you can trust us to successfully match any new finishes with the old for a seamless, attractive appearance.

The Perfect Automotive Painting  In Pittsburgh, Pa

An image of an Auto Mechanic Worker spraying painting various car pieces.A successful paint job is one that leaves your surfaces with a smooth, uniform look that perfectly captures the vibrancy of the color you have chosen for your vehicle. To ensure that this is the result you are getting when you bring your car to us, we make sure to only work with the very best in top-of-the-line materials and equipment. Whether your vehicle is being repaired, restored, or merely re-painted, we have the flawless color you want ready to be perfectly applied.

Your vehicle is important to us. So is the environment. That is why we use the best, environmentally friendly paints on the market. These paints emit fewer volatile compounds than their more toxic contemporaries. This allows you to enhance the appearance of your vehicle without poisoning the earth.


Painting for Collision Repairs In Bethel Park, Pa

An image of an Auto Mechanic painting a car bumperWhen your vehicle has been damaged, it is more than likely that at least one of its panels is going to need to be re-painted. Panel painting requires a much different degree of skill and precision when compared to complete paint jobs. Color matching and blending to adjacent panels, for example, are very involved and labor intensive skills that require the keen eye, knowledge, and skills of a trained professional.

Considerably more time, material, and technical skills are needed to return the finish of your car or truck to its pre-damaged condition. We are able to perfectly color match your panels thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment. Our paint is computer formulated and mixed on-site to deliver the best possible color match for your vehicle.




Contact us for more information about the rainbow of car paint colors we offer. Automotive painting services are available to customers located throughout South Hills of Pittsburgh, Upper Saint Clair, Bethel Park, South Park, Finleyville, Mt. Lebanon, Venetia, Peters Township, Baldwin, Castle Shannon, Eight Four, McMurray and Canonsburg.