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Getting Towed After an Accident

Towing Service in Bethel Park, PA |

Most car accident, especially major ones, need a tow truck to take away the damaged vehicle and deliver it to the appropriate car repair shop. Most of us never think about towing until we are stranded on the side of the road and find ourselves in need of a tow truck. When you do need to get services from a tow company, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Towing Cost: Make sure you are given a bill before you are asked to pay.
  • Storage Fees: If your vehicle can’t be delivered to the place you want, find out if there is a storage fee at the towing shop.
  • Local or Long Distance: Ask about what distance is considered to be local and what is defined as long distance.
  • 24-Hour Emergencies: Find out if your towing service offers 24-hour towing at no extra charge during irregular hours.
  • Flatbed Truck: Confirm that this is the appropriate truck to haul your vehicle.
  • Licensed & Insured: Make sure that the company you choose is licensed and insured. Ask to see credentials if you are not certain.

When you need a professional, reliable, and affordable towing service in Bethel Park, PA, count on Maceil’s Auto Body.

The Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

Collision Repair in Bethel Park, PA |

Do you notice dings and dents every time you get into your car? Are they growing? If these marks bother you bring your car into Maceil’s Auto Body for paintless dent removal in Bethel Park, PA. This type of repair saves you time, money, and helps to maintain your car’s value. Using a paintless dent removal or PDR technique is a way of reshaping the metal on your car and returning it to its original shape. Some of the main benefits of fixing dents and dings with paintless dent repairs include all of the following:

  • Cost Effectiveness: A paintless dent removal is typically less expensive than conventional repainting and repairing a dent.
  • Efficient Repairs: Many of these dent repairs are finished in a matter of hours or a day at the most.
  • Environmentally Friendly: No body fillers, sanding, or repainting are needed, so there is no chemical impact on the environment.
  • Maintaining or Improving Your Vehicle’s Value: Because there is no sanding, filling, or painting your car, there is no risk of matching paint or getting spray on other areas of your car. The paint retains its original factory finish.

Contact Maceil’s Auto Body at (412) 831-1441 for an effective and efficient paintless dent repair.  We work with customers located in Bethel Park, Upper Saint Clair, South Park, Finleyville, Mt. Lebanon, Venetia, Peters Township, and Canonsburg, PA.


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